Breno Bitencourt is a Brazilian designer who lives in Bauru and works with client globally.

He works primarily as a logo designer, but likes to experiment in his personal work across low-poly illustrations, 3D artworks, glitch art and more.

Mandalas were originally a symbol of spirituality in Indian religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism - but have been broadened in meaning by Western cultures to represent a sense of oneness within the universe. Often used as a meditation aid, a mandala is a radial pattern featuring a series of 'gates' that practitioners can focus their attention on and through to block out external stimuli - ending up in a trance-like state.

The purpose of this tutorial isn’t to teach you how to draw a particular style of mandala – that’s up to you. Instead Breno shows you how to build a radial template where anything you draw is automatically replicated around the circular structure of your mandala – with alternating variations for more visual interest and a more handmade feel.

Once you have this template, you can create mandalas in any style from traditional to modern – incorporating organic or mechanical styles, or even a cartoon or sci-fi look.

Breno has also provided 9 brilliant drawing tips on how to improve your mandala’s linework.

To help you, Breno has provided an Illustrator (Ai) file of one of his completed Mandala template for reference. You can download it below (in both Illustrator CC and Illustrator CS4 versions).

Project Files

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