Step 14 Select the sugar strands layer and copy them onto a new separate layer. Then hit Object > Expand, ensuring object and fill are checked and press ok. Each coloured symbol is on its own layer so press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + G about ten times to ungroup these and make them all separate objects. Here you can move or delete any unwanted symbols.

Step 15 Our design is really coming together but it looks a little dull and needs some colour. Think about the types of doughnut you can buy in the bakery and experiment with some new colour schemes. For me, the chocolate colour works best.

Step 16 Adjust any colours to suit the new chocolate fondant icing cover; I have changed the mouth and eye colour and added a dark inner glow to the icing. Now, using these techniques you can add other characters based on the sweet theme, such as Simon Swiss Roll. Bon appetit!

Aaron Miller

Who: Aaron Miller is a freelance illustrator based in Cheltenham, UK who lives with his girlfriend and two chinchillas. After nearly a year of spending his days as a pizza chef and illustrating by night he decided to take the leap into full- time freelance illustration. He studied illustration at University College Falmouth and has missed the sea and seagulls ever since. Aaron’s illustrative talent, understanding of colour theory and imaginative concepts makes him the perfect choice for any project, big or small.
Software: Adobe Illustrator
Time to complete: 3-4 hours

Project Files

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