Sheffield-based freelance illustrator Jonny Wan graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2008 and has dedicated a lot of time to developing his distinctive style. He says: “Through my fascination with urban art, shape experimentation, colour and texture I have created a style that’s unique to me which can be applied to a varied range of commissions.”

Jonny Wan’s distinctive, fresh illustrations manage to seem both mechanical and handmade: their characters are composed of intricate, symmetrical vector shapes so that they seem almost clockwork, yet the finishes he applies remind us of woodcuts.

"Every object can be broken down into a combination of various shapes," explains Wan. "The great thing about working with shapes is that the experimental possibilities are infinite."

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to combine, merge, and manipulate ships in Illustrator to create an intricate illustration based on a Russian doll.
If you’d prefer to concentrate on the texturing and colouring aspects of the tutorial,  you can find the vector file in the download link – this is to be used for this tutorial only.


Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Time to complete

3 hours

Project Files

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