The isometric projection does not exist in nature, it is a unique view without perspective. Unlike in reality, everything in the distance is at just the same scale as everything in the foreground, creating the characteristic unique to an isometric piece.

Here, illustrator Tim Smith details some of the intriguing yet surprisingly simple theory behind the isometric projection. He provides insightful tips and tricks to help pull off detailed isometric illustrations with ease as he offers up his experience in using this technique to create illustrations with witty narrative.

Having worked through this Masterclass, you will have the basic isometric principles needed to develop and experiment with your own isometric illustrations, 3D models, diagrams, infographics – you name it.

The isometric projection is more creative and versatile that you might think. If you want to know more, drop Tim a tweet @mypoorbrain.

Tim has kindly provided a set of project files including an isometric grid, building blocks, and a lighting example.

Time to complete

12+ hours

Software needed

Illustrator CS3 and above

Project Files

(it’s free!)

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