Simon C Page is a self-taught graphic designer from the UK. He loves many aspects of design but his main passions are typography art, illustration and geometric design.

“I would find it hard to choose a favourite,” he says “and often I will try and combine these creative fields in to my design work.”

Simon likes his work to evolve naturally and not stay too static. He often challenges myself with new self-initiated works for his website, regularly showing variations in his creative process.

This tutorial explains how to create one of Simon C Page’s seemingly complicated posters via some nifty tricks in Illustrator and InDesign. Usually he uses Flash Pro’s ActionScript language – but here he shows you how to do it in Illustrator, using that application’s ExtendScript toolkit.

This part of the tutorial should give you enough to get you up and running with some basic scripting and an appetite to see the host of styles you can create with scripts – styles that would  take you countless hours to replicate by hand.

You’ll then learn how to take this artwork and turn it into a poster, drawing on the styles of classic 1950s book covers.

Time to complete 

45 minutes


Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later, InDesign CS5 or later

Project Files

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