Meni Tzima knows all about cute. And scary. She has specialised in crafting cutesy, often strange characters from her virtual Yupyland haunt since 2003 – and deploys a range of techniques to breathe life into her creations. She has created art for children’s books, clothes and products – and her characters are increasingly finding a home in corporate work.

For this masterclass, Meni reveals how she created the character above from initial sketch through to working in Adobe Illustrator. The initial sketch is included as a download for you to work along with. The masterclass draws on vector art skills, exploring the power of various stroke techniques.

As Meni says, the point is to have fun when working and continue to experiment in character design.


Adobe Photoshop CS2 or later, Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later

Time to complete

2 - 3 hours

Project Files

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