Karan Singh is an freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s had over four years experience working in a studio and independently on projects, ranging from typography to apparel design to illustration.

When he’s not illustrating he’s writing for his self-initiated design blog, Pig Bimpin’. Drop him an email at [email protected]

Karan Singh shows you a clever and ridiculously quick way of giving your flat illustrations a faux 3D finish – without leaving the confines of Illustrator.

Karan finds Photoshop’s 3D lighting tools to be cumbersome, and says that Illustrator is more than capable of creating depth and dimension, using such effects as the inner and outer glows and the Gaussian blur.

Here, he focuses on one element of the artwork, but the techniques were used throughout.

Time to complete

45 minutes


Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later

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