Evert Martin is a Ghent-based graphic designer. Apart from the usual graphic work, he has spent time refining a technique that involves digital and line design. His clients have included La Barraca, and Psykotixx records.

Belgian artist Evert Martin, recently held an exhibition of his work at the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent. Under the banner of ‘Conceptual art is dead. Long live New Aesthetics’, he showed a series of artworks, including a number that sit somewhere between X-rays and 3D holographic projections.

While you might think these have been painstakingly created using a 3D suite such as Cinema 4D or Maya, they’re actually relatively simple to produce using Illustrator’s Blend tool and some practice at drawing the underlying structure freehand.

Evert reveals how to create the deer artwork.

If you do have access to a 3D suite, he will also explain how to animate the deer’s head, so it appears to crumble into dust. 

Time to complete

1 hour, 6 hours with animation


Illustrator CS or later, Cinema 4D (optional)

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