Bobby Haiqalsyah is a Melbourne-based freelance graphic designer and illustrator. An accidental chef for many years, he hung up his knives and apron to focus on graphic design. He spent a few years in the branding, media and advertising industry before settling in Melbourne.

In this Illustrator tutorial, Melbourne-based type artist Bobby Haiqalsyah details how he creates vintage-style pieces through the interesting use of original reference materials, a methodical approach and judicious use of Illustrator’s Blend and Offset Path functions.

First off though, he explains the importance of familiarising yourself with the visual vocabulary of a particular period when creating a treatment based on its style. What sort of typefaces were used, what kind of effects are acceptable, and how did they achieve certain looks?

In this masterclass, Bobby is going for an early 20th-century look, recreating the style he first dreamed up for his piece The Good Old Days.

Time to complete 

5 hours


Illustrator CS4 or later, Photoshop CS4 or later

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