This Masterclass shows how painter and graphic artist Phil Ashcroft created his urban cityscape newbuild (Creekside), which looks at new housing developments growing within areas that had previously fallen into decline. The piece is part of an irregular series of urban landscapes, and here Phil reveals how he approaches these works – approaches that can be applied to any vector project that contrasts hard lines against organic or decayed elements and textures.

Phil explains how he combined traditional compositional, colour and layout skills, utilising a background in painting to create a bold, clear yet atmospheric digital work. 

The work is created using vectors and points, with either lines or blocks of colour, and a combination of a build-up of layers within Illustrator. It is deliberately limited in its technique to achieve the hard edges of modern architecture, while dependent on a build-up of detail to add the rough textures of urban decay.

Time to complete

2 - 3 days



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