Toby Leigh is a London-based illustrator with an eye for the peculiarities of modern life. His humorous and ironic style has seen him work across many design disciplines. Clients have included The Guardian, The Times, FHM, Volkswagon, Sony, and Toyota. He also designs tea towels and bags.

In this Masterclass, illustrator Toby Leigh will guide you through how he develops a narrative-based artwork in his hip graphic style that puts a modern spin on British comic traditions. 

He will take you from initial sketchbook observation work to a polished piece of final artwork realised using Illustrator and Photoshop. This tutorial will also help you develop a style and visual language of your own that will form your identity.

This piece is from an ongoing project in which Toby documents the various characters he meets on a day?to-day basis in London. 

“Real people and the way they behave is the funniest and most interesting starting point for almost all of my work,” he explains. 

“Having grown up in London, I have always been surrounded by characters and been fascinated in their eccentricities.”

This particular frame focuses on someone Toby calls ‘Mr DVD’, who works tirelessly selling what-we-can-only-assume-are pirate DVDs on Mare Street in Hackney, near Toby’s studio. 

Time to complete 

5 hours


Photoshop, Illustrator, printer, scanner, pencil, paper

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