Working under the name Imakethings, Andrew Groves is a freelance illustrator. He says: “I have a particular interest in the natural world, and aim to invent characters that explore the grotesque beauty of its many beasts and creatures, and the folklore that surrounds them.”

Andrew is currently based in the UK creating work for clients such as Foundation Skateboards, Snowboarder Magazine, Orange and Panasonic to name but a few. He is also constantly involved in self-initiated projects and schemes as well as creating work for exhibitions and shows worldwide.

In this tutorial, Imakethings (known to his mum as Andrew Groves) shows you how to make a repeat pattern based on map-like imagery. He uses simple shapes and icons to illustrate geographical features from a bird’s-eye point of view similar to those used in OS maps.  

However, unlike in an official map, Imakethings uses bright colours and adds a few creatures here and there to create a whimsical, magical landscape. The map tiles to make a recurring image that could be applied to any number of surfaces. 

The techniques you’ll pick up here can be applied a wide range of other images to conjure up patterns for textiles, T-shirt prints or anything else you put your mind to.

Time to complete 

2 hours


Adobe Illustrator

Project Files

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