Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, Pale Horse is the moniker and studio space of digital illustrator Chris Parks.

Since opening the doors in 2006, Pale Horse has had the opportunity to create artwork for companies like Hasbro, Iron Fist, Dean Guitars, Globe, Hart and Huntington, Vans, Red Bull and many others.

Pale Horse also actively participates in various gallery exhibitions throughout the US and Europe.

Want to produce clean and detailed line work but with a hand drawn edge? Not sure whether to use the pen tool in Illustrator or a tablet in Photoshop?

With his stunning tattoo-style designs, digital illustrator and ‘part-time thrasher’ Chris Parks has all the answers and more in this tutorial.

You’ll be introduced to Illustrator’s pressure sensitive ‘Blob Brush’ and you’ll learn some techniques for adding quick colour and detailed depth. You’ll also pick up some good tips on workflow and how to add detail by creating separate graphics and duplicating them to save time without sacrificing quality.


Adobe Illustrator

Time to complete

10-12 hours

Project Files

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