Freelance illustrator and graphic designer Wendy Ding is based in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in digital art and traditional illustrations. Her projects include maps, children’s illustration, and fashion illustration. This Flickr Stats project gained her an Honourable Mention for Adobe’s Design Achievement Awards in 2007.

Infographics, such as the one opposite, are great visual tools for communicating large amounts of data. Breaking down large amounts of abstract data, they place the information in context and transform it into tangible and useful knowledge. 

With a bit of personality and fun, an infographic can become a distinctive and charming way for the viewer to learn and access data. The most important aspect is the underlying message – the primary information that is being illustrated. All other elements should complement and reinforce the primary meaning to the viewer.

For this tutorial, we’re going to be working with data I’ve compiled on images I found on I chose skirt lengths and their wearers’ locations as my topic and looked through 29 photos. Before I began sketching, I visualized how to best display the overall design and legends. 

To contain my findings and various geographical locations, I opted for a clean chunk of land with a beach and underground train – a normal bar graph wouldn’t have been visually dynamic enough to display such a range of information.


Adobe Illustrator CS2 or above

Time to complete

1 - 2 hours

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