This tutorial’s featured artwork began life when Adam Pointer was commissioned by design agency Zip ( to produce a piece promoting the Sunday night event at the now-defunct London West End club, The End.

Adam recently reworked the original, and here he takes us through how he created and assembled the different elements to bring an art deco feel to type illustration.

The ‘C’ detailed here appears on the first in a set of 11 flyers that together spell out the name of the event: Clandestino. The night was billed as ‘a sultry gathering for the cosmopolitan house crowd’, and the keywords for the original brief were: colourful, seductive, European, fiesta, glamorous and secretive. Adam decided that a fun interpretation would be to put his own spin on pinup-girl imagery and have female figures interacting with giant letterforms.

This Masterclass focuses on his process, which he says is about creating, selecting and positioning elements without resorting to any great wizardry.

“I am self-taught in Illustrator and don’t consider myself particularly technical,” he says. “I learn new things all the time.

“I think the most important thing is to have an idea and a strong visualization of what you are trying to achieve before you begin. Then, hopefully, the process will be pretty straightforward and enjoyable too.”

Time to complete

8 hours


Illustrator CS2 or higher

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