Graduated from Newcastle College with an HND in Advertising (Illustration). Moved to London where he worked at Saatchi & Saatchi's for four years, before turning freelance.

Illustrated for MTV Safe and American Express campaigns. Also contributed to publications worldwide from London to Tokyo.

Recently illustrated for Major League Baseball. Also featured in the Pictoplasma exhibition at La Gaite Lyriqué, Paris (2011) and exhibited at The Stratford Fringe Festival (2012).

Illustrator Marcus Reed says that the idea behind his Animal Alphabet project was to create an engaging and creative way of helping children learn about animals and the alphabet, through the mediums of flash cards and prints.

He used geometric shapes and symmetry for the illustrations, a muted palette and use of space to help give a stylised approach to the concept.

Here he details the approaches he used for one of the letterforms, L is for Lion, from initial sketches to vector design in Illustrator to the final artwork.

You can buy prints of individual animals/letters or the full alphabet from Tictail.

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