Originally from China, London-based creative designer and illustrator Jing makes her living by doing things she loves. She works for clients including Lonely Planet, Ford, Osiris, and more.

For some reason, many graphic designers shy away from using 3D, perhaps thinking that it is more relevant to architects, animators and product designers.

In fact, Illustrator features some basic 3D effects, which, as Jing Zhang shows in this tutorial, can be combined to create surprisingly detailed, technical-looking images.

The 3D effect is particularly useful when it comes to typography. As Jing Zhang shows, you can play with the basic forms of the letters to produce really creative and intricate typographic solutions.

For this tutorial, you’ll need to work on many layers of the same document, turning layer visibility on and off as each stage demands.


Adobe Illustrator

Time to complete

1.5 hours

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