Step 9 Click the Map Art button, choose Symbol 1 from the list and enable the Preview option. With the Shade Artwork option turned on, reposition, resize and rotate the artwork until it wraps in a similar manner to what is shown here. Click OK, and then Click OK in the 3D Revolve options as well. Tweak the relative positions of the two objects if needed. When you’re happy, select all and group everything.

Step 10 The creature is a piece of geometrical wizardry – and it looks it too. To give it a more naturalistic feel, place the mask2.jpg file from the Download Zone, select all and choose the Make Opacity Mask option from the Transparency panel menu. Once it’s applied, click the mask thumbnail (the square on the right in the Transparency panel). Now you can adjust the positioning by clicking and dragging on the mask, and resize it as necessary using the handles on its bounding box.

Step 11 If you want, you can bring the creature into a bigger composition I’ve created. Click on the artwork thumbnail in the Transparency panel, select all and copy. Now open workingfile.psd in Photoshop and paste in the creature as a Smart object at the top of the layer stack. Increase its size if needed and place it in the upper left so that it covers the green and yellow circles in that region. Duplicate the Smart Object and then change the blending mode of the duplicate to Color Burn. Reduce the opacity to 48%.

Beyond Photoshop

This is an adapted version of a tutorial in Derek Lea’s new book, Beyond Photoshop. Published by Focal Press (, Beyond Photoshop shows you how can transfer your Photoshop skills into applications such as Illustrator, Painter, Cinema 4D, Poser and ZBrush -- developing your style in new directions.

Derek is an award-winning digital illustrator and author, with clients that include high-profile North American advertising agencies and corporations. He is also a professor in Graphic Design – Media at Centennial College in Toronto, Canada.

For more about the book, visit Derek Lea’s portfolio is at


The resources for this tutorial can be downloaded from here.