Step 6 Click on the Map Art button and select Symbol 2 in the resulting dialogue box. Ensure that the Preview option is enabled – and you’ll notice is that the way the symbol wraps isn’t really what we are after.

Step 7 You can change the mapping by adjusting Symbol 2’s bounding box as you would any other, and clicking and dragging to reposition the art. Clicking and dragging just outside the box rotates it. Play with the positioning and size until you’re satisfied. Ensure the Shade Artwork option is enabled and hit OK; hit OK in the 3D Revolve options dialogue too.

Step 8 Now draw a shape that resembles the left half of the outer edge of a bell; don’t worry about closing the shape. With the open path selected, go to Effect > 3D > Revolve, enable the Preview option and then set the Offset to occur from the right edge.