Step 3 Select all of what you’ve drawn and drag it into the Symbols panel (I cleared mine earlier by choosing Select All Unused from the panel menu and clicking the Trash icon at the bottom). Name it Symbol 1 and check the Graphic tickbox, then hit OK. Having done that, delete the contents of the artboard.

Step 4 Create around seven rows of green ellipses looking like scales, as you did previously. Select every other row and darken the fill colour a little. Now create a long, horizontal, orange ellipse, with no stroke, in the centre of the pattern, and duplicate it in the Layers panel.

With the Pen tool (P), create a polygonal shape that resembles a few teeth and extends beyond the top edge of the orange ellipse. Select the new shape and the duplicate ellipse, then click on the Intersect button in the Pathfinder panel. Change the fill of the resulting shape to yellow.

Step 5 Select all and drag your artwork into the Symbols panel, again making it a Graphic, and name it Symbol 2. Clear the artboard’s contents again, and draw a circle with the lime green fill you used before, and no stroke. Now we’ll rotate the circle into a sort of doughnut. Choose Effect > 3D > Revolve and enable the Preview option with the other settings as shown above (for most of you, these will be the default values).