Step 8 Use Object > Transform > Scale to vary the size of the clouds’ pattern fill (deselect Scale Strokes & Effects and Objects so you don’t scale the clouds or their strokes). Now select all the clouds and go to Effect > Warp > Arc, setting the Bend to 25% but leaving the Distortion at 0%. Arrange the results in your illustration, and add some raindrops beneath by drawing crosses with the Pen tool.

Step 9 Try making some new swatches based on what you’ve learned and add these to the image. Double click the ‘illustration’ layer, deselect Template, hit OK and you’re done. If you like, you can export the result to Photoshop for some final colour correction, as I have done with the finished artwork opposite.

Eric van den Boom

Who: Eric Van Den Boom is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who works under the name BoomArtwork. Based in Utretcht in the Netherlands, he produces a wide range of illustrative design work for advertising agencies, cultural organisations, the world of fashion and the music industry, and his clients are located all around the world. Eric’s art has been described as ‘authentic and elegant, with an edge’.
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Time to complete: 2 hours

Resources download

You can download the resources for this tutorial from here.