Step 5 Draw a narrow triangle with the Pen tool, make 12 copies and stack all the triangles as shown. Apply the Unite shape mode in the Pathfinder panel, then go to Effect > Warp > Arc. Set Bend to 25% and Distortion to 0%. With the Transparency mode set to Multiply, fill it with a gradient and move the object to the player’s head and back. Use the Eraser tool to remove parts that overlap him.

Step 6 Draw four water-drop shapes using the Pen tool and add a ‘highlight’ shape to them (top). Make copies of these drops and rotate, reflect and stretch them a bit. Bring them into the image, changing some of the colour fills to add interest. You can also add some triangles and other shapes.

Step 7 Using the Pen tool, draw several clouds, filling each of them with a gradient. Select them all, then copy them and paste in front (Cmd/Ctrl + F).

Fill the new clouds with the line swatch that we made and put in the Swatch panel earlier, then select Multiply from the drop-down menu in the Transparency palette. Keeping the clouds selected, go to Object > Transform > Rotate. Uncheck Objects and type 45° in the Angle field. Press OK.