Ben is a freelance illustrator and designer working out of the beautiful city of Bristol. Ben’s work is a mix of different graphic styles, with influences ranging from 80s animation to early graffiti.

He enjoys creating characters and the worlds they inhabit. His work always retains an element of humour and playfulness that reflects his fun-loving character.

In the past Ben has completed work for a range of clients, including The Carbon Trust, Tate Modern, The Sunday Times and the Spunky clothing label.

With all the tools and effects that Adobe Illustrator has to offer, it can sometimes be hard to achieve a sense of depth and atmosphere within your images. Often they can come out looking flat and very two-dimensional. In this tutorial, Bristol-based artist Ben Steers will show you how he uses gradient effects and opacity masks to overcome this, as he takes you through how he created his piece, Gone Karting.

Ben has used these techniques to great effect in this artwork, which is based around a lonely bear character who enjoys playing amongst the woods in his time off from fishing and felling trees. When compared to the original flat artwork, the gradients not only add a zing to the visuals, they also help draw the eye to the central character.

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