New Zealand-based artist and designer Paul Shih is originally from Taiwan. His work is about events and characters, and is inspired by his surroundings. He says that his artwork, Hollow Threat, takes him back to his original love of drawing and doodling. 

In this tutorial, character art guru Paul Shih shows how to create a detailed black-and-white artwork – using Flash. Shih says: “I personally find Flash’s drawing system work best for the style we are making. It’s fun and easy.”

You’ll learn handy tips for drawing in Flash, focusing on some essential drawing tools that make creating this artwork quick and simple. Starting with Flash’s unique Line tools, we take this tool a step further by converting lines to create fills for a comic book-style ‘focus lines’ effect. 

You’ll also pick up tricks on maintaining visual clarity in a detailed black-and-white artwork. Feel free to embellish and add your own twists to the artwork as you create. 

Time to complete 

8-10 hours


Adobe Flash, Photoshop

Project Files

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