• DVDit 5 review

    DVDit 5 is the latest mid-range DVD authoring tool from the only remaining member of the old guard of DVD developers – Apple, Pinnacle, or Sonic itself has bought everyone else. While competitors have meshed technologies together to create single applications, Sonic has a mess of different product lines aimed at tasks from home movies (MyDVD) to Hollywood blockbusters (Scenarist and DVD Producer).

  • PowerShot S1 IS review

    Designed to resemble a scaled-down SLR camera, the Canon PowerShot S1 IS brings together a lot of advanced features considering its reasonable price tag. You could argue that 3.2 megapixels is not enough for a camera with full manual settings, a fold-out LCD, and the ability to accept accessory telephoto and wide-angle lenses. However, the modest resolution is a necessary compromise required by ...

  • NetObjects Fusion 8 review

    Macromedia’s Dreamweaver seems to have the professional Web design market tied up. However, Dreamweaver is a vast and complex application, so there’s still a place for programs that provide quick solutions to Web-creation. Fusion 8 is easy to use, but the developer’s shameless money-grabbing is shocking at times.

  • PFBarn review

    The Pixel Farm is a relatively new company aiming their products at high-end effects facilities as well as those on a more restricted budget. Their products are not cheap, but compared to similar programs in the market they offer decent value. Their current product roster consists of three programs - PFMatch, PFTrack, and PFBarn ...

  • HumanEyes 3D review

    HumanEyes 3D is an interesting new technology that creates stereoscopic images for print or on-screen viewing. It was originally invented to allow a single digital camera to capture 360-degree panoramas for stereoscopic viewing – this hasn’t previously been possible with one camera. Technically it’s not true 3D, but ‘2.5D’ as the subjects only rotate slightly, but your eyes see a realistic continuous-depth impression.

  • Nikon D70 review

    For users of SLR cameras, going digital can have a major impact on the wallet. SLR prices jump from hundreds of pounds for a film camera to thousands for a digital model, which is why most digital SLR manufacturers have concentrated on the professional market – until recently. Nikon’s 6.1-megapixel D70 is the company’s first model designed for photographers of all stripes.

  • DVD Studio Pro 3 review

    Apple’s premier DVD-formation package is now in its third incarnation, bringing new interface elements, workflow enhancements and wider format support to Mac-based DVD authors. The basic method of constructing a DVD remains the same, but the power of the application is in the compact nature of the process.

  • Kodak DX7630 review

    Arriving too late for our compact camera round up (see Digit 75), the DX7630 looks like nothing more than another point-&-shoot digital compact, but glance beneath the bonnet and you’ll find features designed to please those demanding more control. The question is: can Kodak’s top-of-the range compact camera compete with others in this sportier class?

  • Bubble Jet i9950 review

    Canon’s latest, greatest A3 photo inkjet printer is overall the best traditional model that we’ve ever seen. However, if you’re willing to pay a little more, this printer can be topped. The Bubble Jet i9950 is the sequel to last year’s top-rated i9100 – reviewed and given a Best Buy as part of our group test in Digit 69. The i9950 adds two more inks ...

  • Designjet 30 review

    The Designjet 30 isn’t unique like its 130 brother (reviewed previously) but that doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive. The 30 is an A3+ version of the A1 130 – offering almost all of the features that made the 130 so great, though including the same few irritating flaws.

  • PF Match 1.0 review

    The market for match-moving software is becoming increasingly crowded – and now there’s another product to add to the list. The Pixel Farm’s PFMatch joins the likes of 2d3’s Boujou, RealViz’s MatchMover, and a handful of plug-in-based solutions in the match-moving market. PFMatch aims to offer a sophisticated toolset and autotracking for the extraction of 3D camera data from film or video footage.

  • DVD Architect 2 (from Vegas+DVD 5) review

    Against rivals such as Adobe’s Encore DVD, Apple’s DVD Studio and Ulead’s DVD Workshop, DVD Architect is unusual in that it’s available only as part of Sony’s Vegas+DVD bundle (Vegas 5 is reviewed here). Looking at version 2.0, this makes perfect sense – as while its interface and integration will appeal to Vegas users, its toolset isn’t up to the competition.

  • Photosmart 945 review

    HP’s Photosmart 945 camera is difficult to pigeonhole. Over five megapixels, and an 8x optical zoom lens might put it in the class of advanced cameras like the Minolta Dimage A1 or the Fujifilm FinePix S7000, which cost a lot more. But the overall design of the Photosmart 945 seems aimed at providing point-&-shoot ease.

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