• Boujou 3 review

    Boujou has always been an expensive package. At $10,000 it’s probably the costliest matchmoving solution available. For that kind of payout, you’d expect it to deliver something special. It doesn’t disappoint – the software will save you a huge amount of time, and spare you from the ravages of matchmoving boredom.

  • IntelliStation Z Pro review

    The last IBM workstation we looked at was rather behind the times – but this is right up-to-date. Dealer Matek’s entry into our last workstation group test was a generation behind much of the competition, but this is the first computer we’ve seen to feature ATI’s top-of-the-line FireGL 7100 graphics card.

  • R-D1 review

    Epson’s 6mp R-D1 shares some features with the recently announced R3A. It includes the same bright, life-size finder magnification, and aperture priority exposure control. Its big attraction, though, is the compatibility with loads of Leica M bayonet and L mount screw lenses. It also fits a wide range of other brands – such as early screw thread lenses from Canon and Nikon – with the help of ...

  • Maya 6.5 review

    Maya’s improvement continues with this latest release from Alias, though this .5 update is short of radical new features. Most of the boosts are to speed and performance. The most significant feature is the inclusion of Mental Images’ MentalRay 3.4 rendering engine ...

  • Instant PDF 3.0 review

    Instant PDF 3.0 is intended to ensure that PDF documents will output correctly in a professional production cycle. For print, its core function is to run pre-flight checks for items that cannot be printed (such as RGB colours, too-low resolutions, JavaScripts, and multimedia clips).

  • Colorproof XF review

    Colorproof XF is a professional networked proofing software for use with high-end inkjet or colour laser printers. It can very accurately predict the final printed appearance of a job before you send it to a repro or printing house.

  • Realsoft 3D 5 review

    Realsoft 3D doesn’t look much when you open it – the Windows interface harks back to the CAD-based early days of 3D. However, there are actually a choice of environments to pick from, including some preset samples.

  • Super CoolScan 9000 ED review

    This is the priciest film scanner in Nikon’s range, but it’s easily the most versatile. It can handle practically every roll film format you’re ever likely to encounter, from 6-x-7cm film down to old 16mm/110 strips, plus electron microscope and medical slides. The only popular format it can’t handle is APS film.

  • Carrara 4 Pro review

    Eovia certainly couldn’t be accused of being workshy. Its latest release of 3D suite Carrara – now at version 4 – is a lesson in how to lavish powerful additions on an already solid solution. Newcomers will find much to admire in terms of the wealth of features at your disposal, while ...

  • Squeeze 4 review

    The latest version of Sorenson’s Squeeze Compression Suite takes a slight departure, looks-wise, from its predecessors. Although it retains the simplistic and intuitive workflow the interface is more akin to higher-end video solutions with dark windows sporting orange and white highlights.

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