London-based designer Tom Sewell creates digital collages, fabric print designs, drawings and prints.

Where did you train?

Graphic Design at the University of Brighton.

What's your favourite tool?

I guess the tool is less important than the idea, so I probably couldn’t pick a favourite. But saying that, I’ve spent the past year improving my drawing skills, and I’m really enjoying the simple connection that a pencil provides when creating something.

What techniques to do you use most?

At the moment, it’s a pretty even split between drawing and Photoshop.

What’s your favourite piece you've created?

It’s difficult to choose one particular piece as, for me, I’m increasingly thinking about things as an ongoing body of work that build on the themes I’m interested in. I guess that means the best piece will always be the latest one I’ve done or the one I’m about to do.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Primarily digital media and drawing.

What computer packages do you use?

I use Illustrator, Cinema 4D and a lot of Photoshop.

Which clients have you worked for, and where have you exhibited your work?

I’ve worked for Bompas & Parr, while for the past couple of years I’ve exhibited at Somerset House’s Pick Me Up show, working with Landfill Editions and Beach London.

What inspires you?

Ancient art and the power of objects. The ways in which our chance selections of things and experiences make up who we are. Colour, sound, writing and being.

Favourite websites / blogs?

I think is really well curated and I like the fact it’s not updated on a regular basis – it’s good to keep things slow and special sometimes. The guys at are doing a wicked job. The guys are really good people, so I’ll obviously recommend that, and my friend Jamie’s absolutely insane tumblr

A detail from a digitally printed wall hanging based on medieaval throne room tapestries. It’s called Antibiotic King Canopy.