Suhui is the Founder of the ASEAN Society in UAL and CURV collective, and a DesignSingapore Associate.

Where did you train, and what did you specialise in?

Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins.

What’s your favourite tool?

It has to be Processing – I love the ethos behind the program. I found it easy to learn, and though it’s a high-level programming language, I’ve still managed to do quite a bit with it.

What techniques do you use most and why?

I’m always open to experimentation and trying new things, but so far I’ve played around with Processing and Arduino projects the most.

What’s your favourite piece you’ve created?

I don’t really have a favourite – hopefully it’s still to come. However, the piece I spent the most time mulling over is my Post-Sound project.

An Image collected from Suhui’s Glitchomatic installation at the CSM Degree Show 2012.