Su Nge creates commercial installations based on abstract forms, which are rendered in 3D first.

What techniques to do you use most and why?

I generate abstract shapes and forms either by hand, with ink or paint, or digitally to incorporate organic shapes and fluidity in my works.

What’s tools do you use?

I find that 3DS Max Design is best for photorealistic renderings, and gives me a good idea of how a project will look in the real world.

Which clients have you worked for?

I’ve produced work for The New FatCreative Graphic Design, Candlesticks Publishing, Sky Media and Zullo & Holland hair salon.

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Su’s Trigon Light Installation is made from individual triangular acrylic pieces, stuck together by vinyl sheet to produce a flexible and adaptable wall covering. The brief was to create a wall feature behind the backwash area as a visual interest that also acts as a lighting source to create ambience in Zullo & Holland’s salon.