Samantha Mabley is a London-based illustrator and product designer whose work is often vintage-inspired and involves hand-drawn elements combined with digital graphics. Here, she describes her creative process, her favourite techniques and the biggest influences for her work.

Where did you train and what did you specialise in?

I went to UWE Bristol and specialised in Illustration with Animation.

What are your favourite tools?

I mainly use digital tools these days, but every now and then I like to get my paints back out and combine the two. I use a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator to create my work. Occasionally I scan in paintings and textured paper to add to my digital design.

What techniques and approaches do you use most?

I generally work with my Wacom tablet, creating rough sketches on the computer and then messing around with them to create a composition I am happy with.

What's your favourite piece and why?

It's generally my latest piece of work. Every time I create an illustration I feel like I've improved slightly.  Practice makes perfect!

Which clients have you worked for?

I have designed illustrations for products that are sold in John Lewis, Paperchase and Hobby Craft. I've also created T-Shirt designs for Brat and Suzie, which are sold in New Look and ASOS.

Additionally, I create regular work for the party company Ginger Ray and have been creating greeting cards for Moonpig for more than two years.

I've also worked with a variety of start-up companies and am currently illustrating a children's book.

Where have you exhibited your work?

The last exhibition I was involved in was at the 71A Gallery in Shoreditch. It was a charity exhibition titled 'Not For Rental'.

Who are you biggest influences?

I love Julia Pott and Zara Picken. I am constantly on the look out for new inspiration on Pinterest but I'm mostly influenced by daily life

What are you working on now?

I recently set up a new website called Rediscover The Cover. I'm aiming to design a book cover for every book I read as well as a selection of classics.

What's your dream commission?

A book cover! I would love to get into that world. It's my new craze.

A t-shirt design for Brat & Suzie Label.