Most of Sam Janssen's work is created using vector techniques. He calls it "digitalised street art with some abstract and realism.|

Where did you train?

I’m self-taught.

What's your favourite tool?

The Pen tool – smooth lines and curves, what do you need more?

What techniques to do you use most?

Vector and dodge and burn. Those two combined are magic.

What has been your favourite piece you've created?

That must be Rollup Get Creative. I really dig the colours.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Pencil and paper, a digital SLR camera and a MacBook Pro. 

What (computer packages do you use?

Adobe CS6.

Which clients have you worked for? Where have you exhibited your work?

I’m currently freelancing for afcreations. A friend of mine gives me some work now and then.

What inspires you?

Music, art and friends

Favourite websites / blogs?

Behance, abduzeedo, obeymagazine, DA and Facebook.

Here Brazilian designer Breno Bitencourt shows you step-by-step how to create a stylish low-poly portrait in Illustrator and Photoshop.

The secret to creating works in this style is working from the best reference photos – and first off Breno reveals how to capture these (using himself as a model). He then reveals how to work these up in Photoshop, then create a vector version in Illustrator.

Breno says you don’t need to be an expert in Illustrator or Photoshop to follow this tutorial, as long as you have a good eye – and a good amount of patience.

You can watch a video of the creative process of designing a low-poly portrait detailed in this tutorial above.

Time to complete

4 hours

Software needed

Any recent version of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop