Rebecca is an illustrator, designer and visual merchandiser, based in south London. She mixes traditional draughtsmanship and modern techniques. 

Where did you train, and what did you specialise in?

Illustration and Animation at Kingston University.

What's your favourite tool?

My trusty 2B pencil and a cuppa joe.

What techniques do you use most?

My favourite technique would be old-school cross-hatching.

What’s your favourite piece you've created?

This would have to be the work I’ve done with the Zombie Collective. Be it saw-drilling and sanding down paint-covered scaffolding and boards to make an ideas machine, knocking up giant Toblerone MDF shape in The Tate Britain’s atrium to hold a live draw or holding five hourly creative workshops for 150 excited kids. All of which I never thought I’d be able to do.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Mainly pencils, pens and paper. Occasionally with some graphite and watercolours thrown in.

What (if any) computer packages do you use?

Adobe CS5, mainly Photoshop.

Which clients have you worked for, and where have you exhibited your work?

My work has been shown at the Hayward Gallery’s ‘This is not a Pop up shop’ Fathoms Deep exhibition,  Pick Me Up at Somerset House, and most recently at The Mall Galleries. My clients have included House of Illustration, the Hayward Gallery, the British Library, ECCA and Spears magazine.

What inspires you?

Nature, history, antiquities, architecture and a good story.

Favourite websites / blogs? 

I love searching through websites like Digital Arts, Dezeen, Its Nice That and Mint magazine for inspirational designs. But I also have a bizarre passion for seeking out odd collectables and whatnots on websites like Freecycle and eBay.

Javan Rhino was shown at Somerset House’s Pick Me Up arts festival