Madrid-based Oscar Giménez was born into a family of artists, and although he initially refused to follow in their footsteps, he found it was in his blood and he couldn’t resist.      

Where did you train?

I’m self-taught. 

What's your favourite tool?

The pencil, I guess. I do most of my work using a computer, but when ideas or inspiration come, you don’t always have a computer nearby, so a pencil has to be your best ally.

What techniques to do you use most?

Nowadays, either I start with a basic pencil drawing and then scan it into a computer or I draw directly into Photoshop with a tablet. I love using all the different resources Photoshop has to offer regarding brushes and patterns.

What has been your favourite piece you've created and why?

I couldn’t pick just one, but I love the gig illustrations I´ve produced.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

Apart from the initial pencil drawing, Photoshop is my main weapon.

What computer packages do you use?


Which clients have you worked for? 

I’ve worked for a diverse range of clients, including Audi, Universal Music, Rolling Stone, Nike, Heineken and Playboy.

What inspires you?

Almost anything I read, images I see, music I listen to. I tend to mentally store those things I like, so later I can use them as resources for my work.

Favourite websites / blogs?,,, and

This illustration of Bon Iver was created for Entradas Agotadas music magazine