Léa Dalissier is French illustrator whose work spans the sublime and the very-creepy-indeed.

What’s your favourite tool?

It’s tricky choosing just one as different tools serve different purposes. I love drawing with thin ink pens, since they’re great for details, and I like using a pencil too; it’s very soft and allows nice shading and tone.

What techniques do you use most?

I’ve been experimenting with silkscreen printing lately and it’s been very productive – this is how I created The Deer and the Witch. It’s amazing how many different effects you can create with this technique. It makes the colours look so vivid, too.

What kinds of materials do you work with?

I usually draw on paper. Any paper is good, though Moleskine sketchbooks are my favourites. I always have one in my bag, along with a Rotring pen.

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Seigneur is a logo Léa created for French DJ Seigneur. The two worked closely together to come up with a design that would reflect his musical style and personality