Tigz Rice is a London based photographer specialising in fashion and boudoir with a vintage aesthetic. An Adobe Community Professional and Wacom Influencer, she originally trained in digital illustration before naturally progressing into the world of photography and retouching. Alongside a client list including Cosmopolitan Magazine, Burlesque On Ice and Paris Burlesque Festival, her work has dominated the European burlesque scene since 2009, which consequently means everything she owns is covered with a fine layer of glitter…

Kervin Brisseaux is a designer based in New York, who works both for Vault 49 and freelance.

His clients have included Atlantic Records, Nike and Digital Arts.

Sum up your style or approach in 5 words

Acid colors meets sci-fi aesthetics.

Who or what is your biggest influence and why?

'Who' would be a tough thing to pin down. I work with a variety of people that influence me daily. Combine that with creatives I discover on a weekly basis, that list would be too long to mention. In terms of  'what', mainly it's the craft, energy, and time people put into their work; the unrelenting dedication of creating something DOPE.

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