Barcelona-based graphic design studio Hey, made up of Ricardo Jorge, Veronica Fuerte and Mikel Romero, specialises in brand identity, editorial design and illustration. Here, Hey shares its portfolio with Digital Arts.

How would you describe Hey and the work it produces?

Our style is clear, simple and geometric. We always try to make our work reach a wide audience by making it simple to understand. In the end, Hey is an attitude, not just a design or an illustration. Our work transmits this attitude, which we believe should always be positive.

What kinds of craft materials and technology do you work with and why?

We work mostly in Adobe Illustrator, but we often start with a pencil sketch for the initial ideas.

What has been your favourite piece you've created and why?

Our favourites are all the pieces we made for Monocle, as we continued to develop our style every time we got a new commission, which helped us grow.

Which clients have you worked for?

We have worked for Apple, Monocle, Nokia, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal and more.

Where have you exhibited your work?

We have exhibited in the Barcelona Mitte gallery and at the Kemistry Gallery in London.

What would be your one piece of advice for creative aspiring to work in the design industry?

Never stop doing self initiated projects, as they enable you to experiment with new ideas, push your creative boundaries and develop an energy that is then injected into the work you do for clients.

What has inspired you most recently?

There is a long list of artists whose work we always enjoy, including illustrator Mads Berg, photographer Carl Kliener and designer Network Osaka. The work of the illustrator Cassandre is incredible.

What is your dream commission?

To illustrate an aeroplane.

Monocle Transport - one of Hey's illustrations for Monocle magazine.