Tigz Rice is a London based photographer specialising in fashion and boudoir with a vintage aesthetic. An Adobe Community Professional and Wacom Influencer, she originally trained in digital illustration before naturally progressing into the world of photography and retouching. Alongside a client list including Cosmopolitan Magazine, Burlesque On Ice and Paris Burlesque Festival, her work has dominated the European burlesque scene since 2009, which consequently means everything she owns is covered with a fine layer of glitter…

If you buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones while travelling through Heathrow Airport this month, you can have them wrapped in paper featuring a mistletoe pattern designed by leading fashion illustrator Daisy De Villeneuve (or other seasonal designs by the likes of Clym Evernden or Fifi Lapin).

Daisy has turned the favoured medium of most eight-year-olds – felt-tip pens – into a professional illustration style. She's best known for her work with Topshop, Moët & Chandon and Vogue.

We used this new work as an excuse to catch up with Daisy. Chatting over Skype, she told me about the project, why she loves working with felt tips, and growing up under the influence of family friend Sir Peter Blake.

Neil Bennett: What was this brief for this Heathrow project?

Daisy De Villeneuve: "They wanted something festive, fun, and with a fashion element to it as well. My other sketches that they didn't use were Christmas trees and presents, so I hadn't solely done the mistletoe idea. That was just the one that they liked the most."

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Wrapping paper with Daisy's design for Heathrow Airport