Trunk’s director Junior Martínez and Pablo Barquín have created a stunning and mesmerising video for Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd. You can watch it and see a behind-the-scenes video about its creation above.

The music in the video is taken from 'Silhouettes (I, II & III)', an eleven-minute overture that is also the second track on Floating Point’s forthcoming debut album, Elaenia.

The video came about when Sam Shepherd saw the light rig Barquín had built at Hamill Industries in Barcelona.

The three-axis motion rig converts digital 3D data into analogue movement to control the path of an LED, resulting in 3D light images.

The machine can be programmed to control all aspects of capturing the image, camera shutter release, lights and any other external events such as fog machines and motion control systems.

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