Although we often like to think we’re invincible, our human bodies are fragile, and sometimes we don’t treat them as well as we should. Made up of many complex, functioning systems, our bodies are a form of beauty all on their own.

Polish photographer Jan Kriwol (@jankriwol) and London-based digital artist Markos Kay (@mrk.ism) teamed up to create this intriguing project based on the romantic, fragile and vital aspects of human life.

Human After All is a striking series that combines real environments - shot by Jan in Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Brussels and Cape Town among other cities – with 3D renderings of a virtual body. The body is made up of blood vessels representing the human circulatory system that Markos generated using particle simulations.

By stripping down the human form to its very functional essence, the series challenges the juxtaposition between our bodies and our urban environment, alongside challenging the barriers of racial and sexual differences.

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