Adobe has unveiled the new features in Lightroom 6, part of a Spring update to its Creative Cloud Photography plan. As well as Photoshop CC, subscribers to the plan gain access to Lightroom CC on Mac or PC, Lightroom on iOS and Lightroom on Android, as well as the Photoshop Mix app.

The plan costs £8.57 per month (inc. VAT)

As well as a number of new features, the update offers a performance boost and sharing capabilities with the Adobe Voice and new Adobe Slate free iPad apps.

Lightroom 6 is also available as standalone desktop-only software, for £100.07 (inc. VAT).

Adobe claimed that Lightroom 6 performs better than before, even on 4K and 5K displays, by taking advantage of compatible graphics processors. The performance boost is most noticeable in the Develop module, said the company, able to render images more quickly and operate more smoothly.

As an example of the GPU boost, Adobe quoted figures of rendering speed increases of 3025 percent on an iMac with 5K display, 2704 percent on a Surface Pro 3 and 900 percent on a Retina MacBook Pro, all based on actions using the Exposure control in Lightroom.

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