World War Z is a zombie movie on an epic scale. It follows Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane as he attempts to escape a zombie outbreak that ends up taking over the whole world: working his way from Philadelphia to Jerusalem and then to an ocean-going floatilla of boats.

We interviewed Cinesite VFX supervisor Matt Johnson about his team's work on the film – including the initial outbreak in Philadelphia (though filmed in Glasgow) and a rooftop escape in New Jersey (shot on set – right) – and how the filmmakers wanted to bring a new type of zombie to the screen, one that moved without fear of damaging itself and attacked teeth-first like a doberman.

Read our interview with Matt Johnson about Cinesite's VFX work on World War Z.

We also featured MPC, whose work largely concentrated on the hordes of zombies that overwhelm Jerusalem – with thousands of zombies swarming like ants, even rising in pyramids to knock down helicopters.

Read about MPC's VFX work on World War Z.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see breakdowns of some of World War Z's best effects shots.

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