Let’s have a show of hands – how many of you seasoned travellers actually pay attention to the safety information announcements on airlines? None? Yeah, we thought so. However, the next time you fly Virgin Atlantic, you might want to perk up a bit, as the new animated inflight safety video is well worth your attention.

It’s a constant struggle for airlines to find ways to engage apathetic and/or sleepy passengers with the crucially important yet often unbearably dry information, so Art & Graft, the design and motion studio that produced the video, tackled this issue head-on. Trip specifically targets clients weary of inflight safety messages (read: everyone) by mirroring their exact behavior.

The film stars a sleepy passenger trying to tune out the safety announcements, though the information ends up making its way through his subconscious in a cinematically beautiful dream sequence. Inspired by classic cinema and cult films, the main character finds himself in a Western-style saloon (stow your luggage), a film noir (put out your cigarette), a high-speed police chase (put on your oxygen mask), a psychedelic Beatles-esque scene (open the emergency exit), and a Bond-style movie (find your closest exits), just to name a few.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see some of Art & Graft's design process.

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