If you’ve been following the BBC’s seven-part television fantasy Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, running in both the UK and USA, you’ll have no doubt been blown away by the often cinematic visual effects that have brought Susanna Clarke’s tale to magical life.

Set in a parallel history which features the likes of Wellington and Napoleon, it concerns the revival of magic to Georgian England and the men and women who both cause and are affected by its return.

Over almost two years, Milk VFX created 1,000 shots to deliver all the visual effects in all the TV drama. This mammoth task, more akin to a film production, encompassed everything from animated statues to elemental forces at the battle of Waterloo.

The company has just given us exclusive access to host the final VFX breakdown of video (above) for the last two episodes in the series,  so we thought it was a fine time to look over some of the other fantastic work by Milk on this marvellous magical series.

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