Adam Gascoyne from London VFX company Union teamed up with director Danny Boyle once again for work on more than 400 VFX shots in the Trainspotting sequel T2 Trainspotting.

Adam has worked with Danny on numerous films, including 127 Hours, Steve Jobs and Babylon, conjuring a collaboration history of 16 years. Similar to the original Trainspotting film, the VFX in the sequel are subtly built into real footage to depict Irvine Welsh’s written fantasy in a way that resonates with audiences whilst staying true to the book.

Adam says the VFX add "subtle accents to moments in the story", giving depth to Spud’s struggle of becoming heroin-free.

"The focus was very much on coming up with ways to visualise the fantasy, flashbacks and hallucinations that punctuate the story throughout," says Adam.

Image: 2017 Sony Pictures Releasing

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