Nvidia has announced a series of Iray+ physically based interactive rendering plugins for Maya, 3ds Max and Cinema 4D at its GTC conference in San Jose, California. The plug-ins are used alongside Iray Server and were launched at the same time as the Quadro M6000 and Quadro K1200 graphics cards. Read our review of the Quadro M6000 here.

The Iray+ interactive rendering plug-ins, which also support CAD applications like Revit and Rhinoceros, allow the application to use the Iray rendering engine to preview scenes in-viewport at a much higher quality than you'd usually get. The rendering engine responds quickly to changes you make to your scene in other viewport windows - so you'll get a much closer understanding of how your output will come out than standard previews (assuming you're using Iray for your final render too)

Of course, you'll need to use Iray materials in your scenes to use the plugins, and Nvidia says its working on a way to share materials between the different applications using a combined Material Design Language, which it will release later this year.

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