Shoemaker John Lobb wanted to bring the brand to life by creating a fun, witty and UK-centric short film instead of the typical photo editorial style seen within the luxury retail sector.

John Lobb's director of communications, Benjamin Chatfield worked closely with Not To Scale's owner/executive producer Dan O'Rourke and director/illustrator Steve Scott to come up with the story. Together, they also provided creative direction for the music provided by British band Temples.

Eschewing a traditional agency route, the film was completely designed and produced out of Not To Scale's London HQ. It was debuted as part of a fully-immersive installation show for the brand's new London Collections.

Not To Scale also created print assets and a variety of bespoke illustrations and assets for in-store screens, global shop windows, merchandise and the firm's website, as well as social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo

We caught up with Dan O'Rourke and Steve Scott to get the insider info on creating the film and working directly with the client. Use the controls right and above to read the interview and see detailed stills from the film.

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