As it celebrates its debut year in business, the independent London VFX house has revealed a mix of CG and effects work for Fox’s TV action-thriller, 24: Live Another Day , currently airing on Sky 1 in the UK and around the world.

In addition to the typical action-packed “24” repertoire of explosions, Milk, as lead VFX studio, has so far created the CG drones that chase Jack Bauer through London, blood enhancement, effects work including CG water, fire and smoke, explosions and a range of effects to be revealed in upcoming episodes.

Set and shot in London, the 12 x 60-minute 'event series' follows the exploits of agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). It is the first US drama to shoot in the UK following the implementation of the high end TV tax incentive in April 2013.

Will Cohen, CEO and Founder of Milk VFX said, “We were extremely excited to be asked to be part of a UK '24'. Working on a high profile television show that is chasing transmission is always a challenge, but Milk is well set up in terms of technical pipeline and experienced key crew to be able to turn around VFX shots very quickly, at a high standard.”

There's a variety of high-quality VFX in the series, such as the exploding house from Episode 5 (right). 

The house was a model unit explosion on a scaled replica of the house and only required 2D elements to pull it together in the plate. 

For all VFX, Milk modeled, animated and lit in Maya, with Arnold used for rendering and compositing carried out in Nuke. 

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