High-end VR systems like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offer more interactive experiences that you can move around in, but so far most of the experiences created for this have been like first-generation Nintendo Wii games when you play tennis or shoot aliens, or occasionally get cheap thrills like being thrown off the Wall in Framestore's Game of Thrones VR experience.

I tried Kismet using the HTC Vive, which pairs a VR headset with two controllers for your hands and two trackers that you place on stands around your play area – so you can move around your virtual world and interact with things in it using the controllers.

Slip into this world with the headset, headphones and controllers and you find yourself in a gypsy caravan with Kismet herself, a masked automaton who invites you to try out the experiences. Despite – or perhaps because – it’s an obviously beautifully art-directed CG environment, everything around you seems so solid and real, like you can really reach out and touch it. Kismet is a charming host, and I was quite enamoured with her cat who runs backwards and forward from the windowsill to her shoulder at various parts.

Selecting the individual games transports you to standing in the middle of space surrounded by galaxies as a mechanical solar system moves as you select the date, or to the deserts of Sumeria to play Ur.

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