Ingenuity Engine's Dance spot for Qoros showcases a selection of all-singing, all-dancing vehicles from the Chinese manufacturer's line gallivanting around the desert.

"The spot was filmed in rural China, about five hours west of Xining on a salt flat called Chakayan Lake, where conditions were particularly gruelling," said Michael Lebensfeld, producer and managing director at the Hollywood-based production studio.

"Howling winds and sub-zero temperatures made even the simplest tasks incredibly challenging. The salt flat was wet, which rendered the cars filthy after each take. At an elevation of almost 11,000 feet, pretty much the entire crew had altitude sickness."

After the two days spent in the Chinese desert, production moved back to the US. Here the team were required to produce a commercial that featured the real cars and matching CG cars - within the same frame - along with numerous full CG shots and extensive background replacements, all in one month.

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