The world of production has changed - it's a democratised world where anyone can get involved with off-the-shelf tools and software; an unprecedented era of freedom and creativity. Professionals using easy-to-access hardware and software get all the power of a high-spec facility setup in their own home.

Chris Smith of Sugar TV, a Santa Monica and Dallas-based studio focusing on high quality production and directorial projects, needed bleeding edge tools for his work on a commercial for HEB Grocery Stores. Using Apple's Mac Pro, with its dual AMD Fire-Pro GPU cards, alongside NUKE STUDIO and a host of other tools, like Resolve for colour correction and editing, Final Cut Pro X for offline editing, Logic Pro X for sound editing/mixing and MODO for 3D content creation, Smith has found those very tools.

Smith explains Sugar TV has been working on HEB’s Signs campaign for a number of years: "It centres around the visual metaphor of an HEB aisle sign hanging in various parts of the world,” he says, “To show how HEB goes to the source of the best products wherever they may be. Traditionally each Signs spot centers on one topic at a time and is usually finished out at various post houses.

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